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Thread: Upgrading from Shared Budget3 to Advanced4

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    Default Upgrading from Shared Budget3 to Advanced4

    hi guys,

    i am thinking about upgrading my account to advanced 4 on the shared hosting, i am currently using shared budget 3. My site does seem slow at the moment and i am basically meeting my download limits every month at the moment so its time to upgrade...

    Anyway i have these questions:

    1. Once i upgrade how to i really know my website is faster? do you have some online software or websites that can measure the performance or test it prior and after?

    2. im assuming you upgrade me for free and i just pay the difference from what i have already paid, please confirm?

    3. im assuming i will go onto an upgraded server?

    4. do i get any free months when i upgrade?

    thanks matt - sorry for the stupid questions but its a pretty big upgrade for me and lots of money!!

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    Faster would probably be a reletive term but one thing you will see are lower loads and less downtime on the other grades of shared hosting. The prot speeds are the same on Budget servers and Pro servers, but if the CPU is overloaded it can only spit out so much information which makes the server slow down.

    The upgrade is free in the sense that there is no upgrade fee if that is what you mean.

    Yes, your site would be removed from the Budget server and moved to another physical unit.

    We do not offer free months at this time however if you have paid for some hosting in advance we would of course credit you for that on the upgraded package.
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    just upgraded my account today - there was one minor issue today with my site but got fixed very promptly and all seems to be working ok now.

    very impressed with how quickly my site was moved to the new server, good job again by glowhost (matt must be feeding them alot of coffee!!)

    also my site is noticebly faster - again i am very happy with the increased speed. job well done again.

    over and out.


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