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Thread: Upgrading plans

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    Default Upgrading plans

    When I originally signed up with Glowhost, I signed up for a plan that is not offered anymore. In my cPanel, it says I have a "1-Star" plan. This plan does not offer enough disk space for my site. Is it possible to upgrade to, say, the Budget 3-Star plan? If so, how? Thanks in advance.

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    In your case the Budget hosting plans would be a downgrade from what you are used to.

    The <insert-number-here>-Star packages (AKA''the old packages'') are equivalent to the Professional Shared Web Hosting Packages you see advertised on the site today.

    But yes, you can downgrade to a Budget Shared Hosting package, it basically entails moving your site to one of the Budget servers.

    There is also an alternative if you are out of disk space on your current Pro server. If you'd like to upgrade to another Pro package there is no need to transfer the site since you already exist on a Pro shared server. The only thing that happens in the Pro::Pro upgrade process is that we add higher limits to the existing site.

    If you would like GlowHost to perform the downgrade, just login to your MyGlow account manager and open up a support ticket and we will provide details for the downgrade process.

    You will need to update your DNS nameservers to point to the new Budget server after you have transferred the files from the old Professional server.

    Let us know if you need any clarifications between packages.
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