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Thread: Question about starting a CDN

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    Default Question about starting a CDN

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can provide me with some theoretical guesstimates.

    I'm thinking of starting a cannabis friendly CDN like youtube but focused on the cannabis community. I realize that to do this I will need to get some kind of dedicated hosting. I'm going to try to start as small as possible and build up once expansion is needed. Can someone smarter than me break down some estimated expense numbers for such a project?

    Like, for example if I were hosting 1TB of videos and each of those videos were watched 10x per month, how much would that cost?

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    Welcome to the GlowHost Web Hosting Support Forum!

    There are quite a lot of answers to this question, but I'll provide a quick rundown of what you could consider.

    If you're looking to setup a video hosting app so your community can upload cannabis related videos, we offer many apps that will work right out of the box. You can find some listed here. Many of these apps will allow your community to create embed codes to add their videos to a website.

    Don't see a video app you want to use? Or are you looking to setup something more custom? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. All PHP based software and most video apps will work on our platform right from the get go. For apps that need a little extra setup, our administrators can help there (including setting up FFmpeg for you which is required by most video platforms), and we'll be happy to provide you with a one on one consultation to go over your plans.

    Once you've sorted out how you want to build your video platform, you'll need a web environment to host your website. You can find a range of our dedicated servers and pricing on our Fully Managed Dedicated Servers page. Most of our servers start out with 1 TB of storage, and 100 TBs of bandwidth, so you can expect a large resource pool from the beginning. When your platform is ready to grow, our account managers will assist you with upgrades every step of the way, and we'll look into the best server options for your community's needs.

    Do you have other questions we could assist you with, or would you like to go over some specific plans or goals? Contact us here at your convenience for a free consultation, and we'll be happy to look into your specific requirements. We can be reached 24/7/365.

    Thank you for reaching out to GlowHost, we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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