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    Default Pre sales questions

    I have an idea for a forum that i want to use. I own the domain name already. As im also a student and money is tight, i am enquiring about full cost set up. Which package would be able to offer me great features to suit my budget. I have no problem with monthly payment plans but finding full set up and license costs is what has stopped me until now

    Any advice and clarification would be very well received

    many thanks

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    Hi Amie,

    As far as I understand, the main problem is cost of setup and license of a forum board for your website. All our hosting packages come with Fantastico - an automated installer that can quickly perform installation of popular free scripts. Except different widespread blog scripts like Wordpress and Joomla, you may find huge amount of other scripts for different purposes. Speaking about forums - you'll be able to install phpBB forum board or SMF quickly, easily and for free.

    Regarding packages that will suit you, I think you should take a look at our Shared plans, all of them include Fantastico, so your choice should depend on diskspace and bandwidth you need.

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