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Thread: need starter plan with media streaming

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    Default need starter plan with media streaming

    I'm really trying to just prototype a simple site that will rely on video (media streaming)

    Both your beginner and adv. plans offer streaming music and video ?
    What platform are you using to do this ?
    Is it enabled by default, or what is required ?

    Which of your basic, starter plans would include FMS or red5 ?
    Do you have any suggestions ?

    I'm also curious about the possibility of server-side recording from webcam on the client, and I'm researching this ( but if you have further comments, that might help )



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    We offer FFMpeg hosting on all our packages for streaming video and audio applications. You can install any script (PHPmotion is recommended) that requires FFMpeg, Mencoder, Lame, Libvorbis, Libogg and other media applications, upload your video and audio files.

    If you want your music streamed through your own radio station, then you may consider ShoutCast hosting plans, which you can view at SHOUTcast web hosting and SHOUTcast host prices

    FMS, Red5 and server-side recording from webcam are possible only on dedicated servers.

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