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Thread: My name is Cedo and I am someone who is interested into using your services

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    Default My name is Cedo and I am someone who is interested into using your services


    Before I start using it I have few questions
    1. I already have one cpanel in London but I am disappointed with my hosting provider because it firstly allow me to set my video web server (I have try clipbucket and vidiscript but didn’t try phpmotion till now) but than decline to set encoders for them which than force me to live them - I am interested how can I transfer all data from it to your hosting and set all to work and what you will offer me in case of video server
    2. Second and very important to me is - can I have few wordpress, smf and all other installations on your (my) shared server - I already have them created and working and I now just want to change hosting but all those must work like till now - I am owner of one domain which I operate since 2006 and I just want to continue to use it on your hosting platform and in that manner I am exploring all question which I have abut that
    3. I read that my space and bandwidth are kindly unlimited - and I am curious is that really true because I will put on my domains at last 50-100 Gb of videos and with intention to put it much more in next months and years simply because I will improve my quality of uploaded files and offer them to see and download in few different versions - For instance - can I offer my videos not only trough video server but also trough mpg files if anybody want to use it for production …
    4. I will put my branding at least on one video web server (domain) but possibly I will use two or even tree - is that ok and is there any problem with that - I am also interested in a fact - can I brand my videos beside your branding or I can brand them only when I remove your branding (phpmotion, clipbucket and vidiscript)
    5. Do you have something to offer in case of real time streaming in case of Web TV because I have plans for something like that - I already have audience for that and I will surely make some moves in that direction in future

    Thanks in advance

    Sincerely yours Rajacic Cedo

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    Hello Cedo,

    1. Sure, we will transfer your files, but there are certain rules for transfers. Here they are:


    2. Yes, you can have several scripts installations, and they will work after transfer. It is not a problem. Also, we offer SoftAculous auto-installer that gives you possibility to install new scripts in several clicks. More info can be found here.

    3. Seems that you are speaking about Unlimited package. Unfortunately this package doesn't support PHPMotion. You can see list of supported packages here: Media Sharing Script - PHPmotion

    Since you need 50-100 Gb of storage, I would advise you to check our VDS packages that should suit your needs (more diskspace can be added)

    Also, a dedicated server would be an ideal option. You will be able to choose unmetered port for unlimited bandwidth.

    You can let share videos by streaming them or giving direct links to download, there are no restrictions, but copyrights should not be violated.

    4. Yes, you can use your brands, as many as you wish. You can replace our branding or use your own with it, it's not a problem.

    5. Red5 can suit your needs in this case, that costs $10/month, please open a ticket for more information.
    Have no fear,
    GlowHost is Here!

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