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Thread: JomSocial?

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    Default JomSocial?

    Just wondering what package would be recommended for a JomSocial site... I have about 2000 members on my current forum - but wanting to upgrade from community builder to jomsocial site. Here's the requirements from JomSocial:

    PHP 5
    64Mb memory allocated to php
    • GD library (at least v1.8 with libjpeg)
    • Curl library

    • fsockopen
    • exec

    • FFMPEG - Responsible for converting videos into flv format
    • FLVTOOL2 (Optional) - Used for injecting flash video metadata

    MySQL 4.1 or above is required.

    Some hosting providers have openbase_dir and safe mode enabled. In order for the photo upload / video conversion to work, you have to disable them.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I think all shared packages will suit your requirements:
    Shared Web Site Hosting - cPanel website hosting packages
    But as you've got 2000 members the best choice is one of the professional packages, as your account will be on the server with much less customers rather then servers with budget and advanced accounts.

    Of course, the ideal variant is: Semi-Dedicated Servers - cPanel website hosting . In case you choose this one your account will be hosted on a powerful server with less then 30 accounts on it. That means ideal performance .

    The only thing is that you'll be able to host only 1 domain on a Semi-dedicated server, and price is $69.99.


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