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Thread: I'm Canadian, Can I Resell?

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    Question I'm Canadian, Can I Resell?

    So I've had a site on Glowhost for many years now - and am wonderfully happy with the great service. My hobby of fiddling with sites has become a bit more of a part-time gig, and I'm interested in a reseller package as I plan on taking on a few clients and my existing client grows.

    I'm Canadian (yes, I know, you love us). My question is can I realistically have a reseller account as a Canadian - Merchant Account, - [which has a Canadian counterpart] etc. Can I easily make use of a domain name reseller account and collect the commissions. Browsing around here and there I see the odd limitation (no MSN Ad credit outside the 50 states) but nothing that says "Canadians Welcome" or "No Canadians"

    There are Canadian resellers, yes, but I like having Glowhost and would love to resell it. I also want to have one provider - and I'm not willing to move my existing client away from Glowhost.

    All about the free trade.

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    Glowhosts even likes us brits (most of the time ) so im sure they wont have any trouble with canadians in fact i know they wont.

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    Canada is not a problem. Neither is Ethiopia or Denmark. The only problem countries are the ones that do not yet have Internet

    This is the Internet after all, and we deal in Global Communications. As Andy said, it does not matter where you are. We are happy to convert your account into a reseller. Just open a ticket and tell us what you need. We are happy to assist.

    I don't see why a merchant account would be an issue. I am sure you can use our recommended provider or choose your own.

    Quote Originally Posted by cookie_guy View Post
    I'm Canadian (yes, I know, you love us.
    Is that a stereotype? Do Americans dislike Canadians? I've only met 2 that I did not like, but then, I have only met 10 Canadians, so you guys are OK in my book


    All kidding aside, we have a handful of Canadian resellers that I can think of off the top of my head and I am sure there is probably another handful or more that I cannot think of by name, so there are no issues at all there.
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