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Thread: How Long Does It Take To Be Activated?

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    Default How Long Does It Take To Be Activated?

    Activation is immediate unless you have ordered a dedicated server or Cloud Server because these two types of hosting take a some time to provision and setup properly. Because the are high dollar transactions, an account verification may also be required, and usually is for all new customers unless we know who you are ahead of time, and are expecting your order.

    For those products and services which include instant activation, "remaining active" may require action on your part. Immediately after ordering from GlowHost, we will send you an email with your server logins and instructions. Shortly after that, one of our account representatives will call you to confirm your order. Our representatives will attempt to call you between 8 AM and 9 PM in your local time zone. If we cannot reach you on the phone after 48 hours, you account will be suspended until we can reach you. This is a one-time phone verification that is performed on 99% of all new customers. Existing customers with accounts in good standing will receive instant activation on any new orders that they place in the future, excluding dedicated and cloud which take time to build and provision the software.

    Please make sure your contact details are accurate on your hosting application, as we do not process accounts with inaccurate information.
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    How long does it take to be activated?
    It all really depends on the day and time your order is processed. It happens pretty swiftly unless there is a lot going on, say for instance major promotions, or other stuff like holidays.

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    Most of the companies gives 24 to 48 hours maximum time to the Clients because they have to verify many things for the scurity purposes. But Mostly it takes less than 24 hours to activate the account.It also depends on the day and time your placed the order.

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