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Thread: Hosting Plans

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    Red face Hosting Plans


    I am trying to figure out the main difference between the Budget 3 star, Advanced 3 star and Professional 3 start plans....?

    I know the Professional plan has less storage and bandwidth. What are the advantages of it.... the reliability, or is there something else?



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    Hi Justin,

    The main difference is you also have more resource limits like MySQL connections and emails per hour on the Professional plans. You also share the server with less overall domains, so less competition on server resources.

    The Pro plans also come with nightly backups and complimentary backup restorations.
    The Advanced plans come with nightly backups.
    The Budget plans have nightly on some plans, weekly backups on others.

    Pro plans also offer the highest uptime guarantee of 99.9% where the other plans vary from 99 to 99.5%

    The budget plans are basically equivalent to what most of the hosts out there are offering as their standard (or their only grade of web hosting plan) with a few exceptions of course. But the current market trend indicates hosts must oversell their servers to remain competitive. Something we were reluctant to do, but have decided to take part in this trend by offering similar hosting "quality" that can be expected when people buy oversold hosting plans.

    Our answer to the current overselling trend is our Budget and Advanced grade hosting.

    Our long time standard hosting has been recently named "Professional" and is a more realistic hosting plan for hosting professionals that are not yet ready for a dedicated server or reseller account.

    Our Pro plans are quite simply, excellent shared hosting plans with very few, if any predefined limits on machine resources. Advanced falls somewhere in the middle of Pro and Budget.

    This page talks about the basic differences


    Then one can link from there to see the differences in the different service levels in Budget, Advanced and Professional Hosting plans.

    Budget Close UP

    Advanced Close Up

    Professional Close Up

    Hope that helps.
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