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Thread: Hosting plan upgrades

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    Default Hosting plan upgrades


    I have a question about your hosting plans.

    If I find that I need to move from the 3 star to the 4 star plan, will I need to change servers also? Or is the hosting plan upgrade more of a formality? I'm looking to establish a long term relationship so I want to know what the obstacles will be hosting wise, as the site becomes successful!


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    We have different servers for our Budget, Advanced, Professional plans. It means if you want to upgrade your account from Budget 3 Star to Advanced 4 Star, then we will need to transfer your account to another server, since budget, advanced and professional servers have different restrictions. If you want to upgrade your account from the Budget 3 Star to the Budget 4 Star, then your account will be hosted on the same server ( we will not transfer it to another server) and we will just apply new settings for your account.
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    i have upgraded 3 times now and everytime been very easy.

    even when i changed servers i had no issues.

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