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Thread: Help with website transferring

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    Default Help with website transferring

    Can you help? I have a number of websites which were all being hosted with one company. I bought them through eBay and the hosting is due for renewal. I have been told that if I want to go else where for hosting then I cannot have the websites as the templates belong to them. If I was to transfer the sites can you copy the website? How much would it cost?

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    If you use a site builder to make the website online instead of making the site in something like dreamweaver, frontpage, or another editor that runs on your computer, (instead of running off a website) then it is pretty common that they will not let you have the sites, and that the HTML source code is protected. It also is likely a violation of copyright to use their templates on another server and I would imagine you would be in violation of their terms of service if you attempted to do so.

    I'd have to check on that. If you want to open a support ticket on it under the "sales" dept. with the name of a few example sites you want to move as well as the current host, I can have a look to see what can be done for you.
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