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Thread: Glowhost plan for PHPMotion HD content?

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    Question Glowhost plan for PHPMotion HD content?

    I am impressed that you guys have a forum here. Our existing host for a vB site does not. So many of the Glowhost staffers pounce on answers here that we're considering going for it. As a newbie to a possible video site, I have lots of lame questions

    We're interested in a phpmotion v2 site and suitable server host where we primarily have HD video content in 16:9. With the typical 100-200 mg file size 4-6 minute video, I really have no idea how many times viewers would need to watch videos before approaching the various transfer limits of shared servers. Then I see this olga server nomenclature...

    Our main issue is many of the phpmotion sites we see with hd content stream them really lame in that the video plays faster than it can download, so it stops and starts constantly. It would be difficult to lure away amateur videographers from sites like Vimeo when a proper video stream should download enough first so that it can play through without having to stop and download.

    Sure, there are dedicated servers, but we have no idea of the viability of a new enterprise, for all we know the shared hosting plans loss leadered at $5-$9 a month would be a disaster even with just 50 HD videos in the 100-200 mg range or would download the content fast.

    We have no doubt it will take at least 6 months to get to 50 videos uploaded, so we want to start out slow, but we don't want to deal with crappy streaming/download speeds.

    Can multiple domain/sites be ran off one account? As an example, if we have a vB site with 10,000 posts, can such a community be run on the same server as a phpmotion HD content new site?

    Now another web hosting site whose name escapes me states that they have spent over a 1000 hours custom modding their root server so they offer a phpmotion hosting geared towards HD content. Anyone can say that since they say they will not show you what they have done. I can't blame them though. Is that fluff? And if so, why?

    Thanks for a response and the newbie mini-education we await!

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    first of all, thank you for posting on our forum. All of our shared plans allow to host more than one domain, and yes, it is possible to host your vb forum and phpmotion script under one account. It's difficult to say if 50 videos will be a disaster. It depends on many factors, such as number of connections to the site, the size and quality of videos etc. I'd suggest you to start with any of our shared plans, since you can always upgrade if needed. Also, I'd recommend you to use our Professional packages, you get more server resources per site in this case.
    Well, we spent a lot of time to make servers work properly with video sites. But we don't gear the video sites towards content. You are limited by your package's disk space and bandwidth. And, of course, the scripts mustn't cause the overloading of the server.

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