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Thread: Domain Name Transfer Fee?

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    Question Domain Name Transfer Fee?

    I'm thinking about changing hosting plans to glowhost. I already own a domain name but was a little confused by the "incentive" to transfer it.

    It seems as if I would have to pay $9 to transfer the domain name, with the "incentive" that I would get the next year (once the current registration is up) for free. Is this incorrect?

    Is there any way to transfer the domain name free of charge?

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    There are several incentive programs available. Can you tell me which one you are referring to? I'd be happy to explain it in detail.

    The most commonly used on is to initiate a domain transfer to our sister site InstaPro.net - where the domain is renewed for one year + any time left on the current registration is tacked on at no charge.

    That comes to $9.00. then once we have the receipt from you that says you completed the transfer, GlowHost will either refund you the $9.00 or apply it as a credit towards your web hosting.
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