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    What kind of connection do you have to the Internet and how many web sites are connected to each line?


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    It is not a matter of sites on each line, some sites have a dedicated line or some extremely large sites even require several dedicated servers for the one site. It is a matter of server load and keeping the servers and sites operating in a stable, and consistent environment.

    Some servers have 1 site on them, some have hundreds. It all depends on what it takes to keep the servers dependable, stable and fast. We do not overload the servers and make sure all are running withing stable parameters. There is no need to overload a server though some hosts depend on this to make a fast buck. We have more than enough resources for each site, and quality bandwidth from over 5 tier one providers utilizing multi-homed connections.

    All servers are on a 10/100 Cisco switch which means they each can burst to 100 Mbps if need be.

    If you ever have a problem, these forums area good place to vent. We do not remove posts (other than spammers) and I think a quick search you wont find much, if anything derogatory. We work very hard to keep things working excessively well, and have been doing so under multiple brand names since 1999. In 2002 GlowHost.com was officially launched as our primary hosting brand.

    If you do not want to share resources, or if you need a dedicated connection, dedicated IP or dedicated anything, just let me know via private message, post here publicly in the pre-sales forum, or feel free to open a ticket at our helpdek in the pre-sales department.
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