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Thread: You Guys Are So Excellent It's Unreal!

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    Default You Guys Are So Excellent It's Unreal!

    Glowhost have been one of those great companies you stumble across in life without meaning to.

    They've helped me every step of the way with a new site and forum from 20 to 20,000 members.

    These guys have helped me day and night from the most modest of shared hosting to a VPS and I've no doubt when the project requires it they will be the guys I go dedicated with. Whether just with current projects or commercially as a preferred supplier with my company.

    It almost feels too good to be true as I didn't think honest, affordable and helpful companies like this existed anymore. The helpdesk is usually instant and you really get a feeling that the entire company care about you as a customer. I find it hard not to recommend them when i hear people talking about hosting.

    Well done guys.
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    Hey, what's your forum url ?
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