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Thread: older person with little knowledge of computer

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    Default older person with little knowledge of computer

    well this has been a journey for me. when growing up they were inventing calculators so to put it blunt my computer knowledge is next to nil. i decided i wanted to start a forum and found glowhost who installed the program for me and everything else. i ask more questions then you could imagine. i always get prompt answers on how things work and how to fix what i messed up ect. i started a second site which has good traffic so i had to go to a dedicated server. they moved my sites onto the dedicated server and as a user and admin of the sites you never knew anything happened except all a sudden the site was a lot faster and a lot smoother. i have been with them for sometime now and site only went down a couple times and was up and running before i could tell them it was down. i know others that have switched to other servers with other hosting company's and it was a nightmare for them. lost members, lost pictures and every other problem you can think of. i have the only forum i know of that switched to a dedicated server and didnt have nightmares with the site after it was done and that is because of the professionals here at glow host. i would like to say thank you to matt and the crew and i give them the highest recommendations possible.

    sorry for the long post but i cannot say enough great things about this company and my server
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    Thanks atcpaul
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    your sites look great, Paul! Congrats!


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