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Thread: I finally found the best host after 5 years

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    Lightbulb I finally found the best host after 5 years

    I normally do not post reviews for companies because things can change at the drop of a hat. I decided to write a review more as a big thank you to the staff of GlowHost. I signed up just a few days ago and right from the start there was a problem. I caused the problem by signing up for the wrong package. Amy fixed the billing side and the hosting package was changed over in a matter of a couple hours. I have since had issues related to phpmotion and the really confusing setup instructions they provide. PHPShield and it's load of problems with the "exact" configuration has made the installation a huge hassle. I sent a request in to the help desk and within 30 minutes received a reply with help information. Needless to say if you can't handle waiting for tech support for less than an hour you better just host it yourself. This company by far has the fastest response time to trouble tickets, forum posts, and emails. In fact I am sure Matt will respond to this post within the hour. So far 5 trouble tickets in 3 days of hosting all due to my mistake or the website problems. I paid $20 for a month of hosting and these guys have worked well over an hour to help me. Not one bit of attitude from them or complaint.

    If all stays the same I will definitely be signing up for the year.

    Thank you GlowHost for making this the best web hosting experience I have ever had.

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    Well, I don't want to make you a liar and not show up

    Glad you are happy with us, many thanks for taking the time to post about it. It really does help us out, so we greatly appreciate it.

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    well i find this forum very good coz theres lots of good stuff here am happy to be here

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    Thank you for your kind words

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    Thanks for sharing your review with us.


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    Just wondering what other hosts you've tried before, if ever. It'd be great to have a benchmark on your experiences.


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