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Thread: Good Support and the Knowledge Base section is Great

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    Default Good Support and the Knowledge Base section is Great

    I signed up for a shared hosting plan for our site that supports a not for profit organization I volunteer with. I've got sites hosted with other ISPs and I must say that I am please with GlowHost so far. I had an initial billing problem with our PayPal account (my fault setting it to a savings rather than checking account) that delayed the domain registration. The trouble tickets were responded to quickly and the billing dept was understanding while I resolved the issue with PayPal.

    The temporary link provided by GlowHost allowed me to setup the site and have it ready as soon as the domain was registered. This was very helpful.

    I had some PHP issues with settings that ran on another site and was ready to send in a trouble ticket. I went to the Knowledge Base section of the forum and the solution was there already. I've browsed through the Knowledge base and have to say I am very impressed with the time Matt spent putting this together.

    I registered for an SSL certificate and am waiting for that to be installed so I can go live with our online member registration system.

    Overall - very pleased.

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    I also have a shared hosting plan that I recently started here, and I agree that the support is great!

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    If you contact support they will give you all the information to solve the problems, the level of competence is high, always resolve problems.

    Thanks for sharing..

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