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Thread: Glowhost Rocks!

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    Thumbs up Glowhost Rocks!

    I want to thank Matt and the team at Glowhost for all the support and great service they have given me over the past few years.

    I own a small, but growing design firm and decided to add web hosting as a service for our clients. I didn’t have a clue what account to choose, so set out doing a ton of research on what was available in the industry. I ended up choosing Glowhost for three main reasons:
    • Matt answered all of my questions in not only a timely manner, but he proved to me that he really cared about his clients on a personal level. We were not going to be just a number in a system that popped up when the bill was due. Support with Glowhost is awesome!
    • They colocate out of one of the world’s finest data centers.
    • And their prices are great!
    Well, the story could have ended happily there, but I decided to move all our accounts to another host, while testing some CMS software. The software turned out to be what I needed, but the hosting not so much. I have been dealing with web hosts for almost ten years and I knew right away I had made a big mistake.

    I contacted Matt and he assured me that all was fine. He was more then happy to have us back. He helped me transfer all the accounts back onto the Glowhost servers without even an “I told you so!” Well, I guess he did throw in one or two.

    What really means the most to me is that we are a small company. Glowhost doesn’t make a ton of money off of us (at least not yet). But, no matter how big Glowhost becomes, they never forget about the little guy and that is worth a million bucks!

    Keep up the good work guys – I wish you all the best!

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    Many thanks for the kind words. Glad things are going well for you here.

    I don't remember the "I told you so's" but that sort of sounds like me, so I belive you...LOL
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