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Thread: Excellent Service

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    Default Excellent Service

    I don't see where to send this, so am posting here. Anyone who could forward it to the proper place - thanks.

    I have been on GlowHost for one year with a silly forum (yardcraphome.com).

    I am not a computer idiot, but all my education has been trial and error. I am 66.
    After I had a problem as a member on another fun forum, decided to start my own.
    Research led me to Vbulliten and GlowHost.

    From day one, GlowHost has been excellent. I was not used to that when dealing with computer related things.

    This year, every problem I have had was solved in minutes, not hours or days. I never had to phone and be put on hold. GlowHost stands alone in my digital world.

    A good example is tonight, (late on a Friday), I had a blip (all my fault as I live in the woods and have satellite connection).

    Yet again, problem solved by the intelligent guys at GlowHost, and it was not even a GlowHost problem.

    Bill Peay

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    Thanks Bill! We appreciate the feedback!

    FYI you can always post your reviews of GlowHost at our Shopper Approved site here:
    Shopper Approved Survey

    This way your review is sure to show up on this page:
    Actual Customer Testimonials From GlowHost Customers
    Send your friends and site visitors to GlowHost and get $125 plus bonus!
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